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Private Fees 2024-25

Please note that all private appointments that are made will require a £10.00 deposit to secure this appointment. Failure to attend this appointment or give 24 hour notice of cancellation, the deposit will be taken and another will need to be provided before booking another appointment. The £10.00 deposit will be taken off the overall charge of the appointment.

Our Commitment to Fair Charges

To ensure complete clarity and transparency with costs an estimate will always be provided to every patient to confirm and sign following an examination and prior to any further treatment. A copy will be held on file, signed by the patient, and the other returned to the patient.

Examination Charges
Examination (First Visit and Recall) £50.00
Scale and Polish (Per Session) £40.00
Small X-Ray Radiographs (Each) £10.00
Emergency Charges
Emergency Consultation £50.00
Filling Charges
White Fillings (Composite) £125.00 - £175.00
Silver Fillings (Amalgam) £100.00 - £150.00
Composite Bonding Charges
Composite Bonding (Per Tooth) £200.00
Root Canal Treatment Charges
Root Canal Treatment (Per Session) £150.00 - £200.00
Oral Surgery Charges
Tooth Extractions (Starting From) £120.00
Fixed Prosthetics
Crowns (From) £550.00
Bridges (From and Per Tooth) £495.00
Removable Prosthetics
Acrylic Partial Denture (From) £495.00
Acrylic Full Denture (Single) £495.00
Chrome Denture £950.00
Flexi Denture (Valplast) £950.00
Teeth Whitening Charges
Teeth Whitening 2 Week Tray System £249.00
Hygienist Charges
30 Minute Scale and Polish Session £52.00
Airflow and Scale £92.00
Direct Access (30 Minute Scale and Polish) £65.00
Bite Guard Charges
Bite Guard £120.00
Invisalign Charges
Invisalign (Single Arch) £1950.00
Invisalign (Both Arches) £3500.00
Implant Charges
Implant (From) £3000.00