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Mission 1 - Operating Ethically

To provide an ethical, high quality dental service to our patients at reasonable cost.

Mission 3 - Patients First

To treat patients with dignity and respect, protect them and place their interests first.

Mission 5 - Happy Staff

To provide our team with a safe, pleasant working environment at a fair rate of pay.

Mission 7 - Family Oriented

To accommodate the personal and family commitments of our patients and team.

Mission 9 - Staff Development

To encourage academic and personal self-development of the entire team.

Mission 2 - Remain Professional

To maintain and improve professional knowledge and competence.

Mission 4 - Improving Care Quality

o continually improve the quality of care that is offered to patients.

Mission 6 - Respecting Others

To respect the values, opinions and beliefs of our patients and fellow team members.

Mission 8 - Environmentally Friendly

To reduce our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.